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Growing Fairy Flowers®


Are you a commercial grower considering adding Fairy Flowers to your current offering?  Fairy Flowers® are the industry’s first completely branded line of plants specifically for Fairy Gardening®.

The Concept
The plants in the Fairy Flowers® line have been individually selected because they naturally stay small or can be trimmed to stay tiny.  These flowers thrive as outdoor plants in the height of the growing season and as indoor plants the remainder of the year.  With proper pruning and care, Fairy Flowers® are designed to flourish in small spaces indefinitely.

The Branding
Each plant comes with a beautiful tag that introduces consumers to both the fairy and the flower he or she has created.  With custom art and unique stories on each tag, the fairies and their flowers are so sweet; consumers will want to get to know each and every one.

The Line Up
Fairy Flowers® are a retailer’s dream!  Great care has been taken to include a wide variety of vegetation so fairy gardeners can create realistic miniature landscapes.  Retailers and consumers will love:

  • Groundcovers that mimic grass
  • Shrub-like plants that imitate bushes
  • Trailing plants that creep over tiny arbors and gazebos
  • Tree-like plants providing the perfect shady spot

The Magical Power of the Fairy Flower®!
Fairy Flowers® have the power to:

  • Allow growers and retailers to capitalize on the hottest hobby the gardening industry has seen in years
  • Curb the industry’s appetite for miniature plants
  • Generate off-season and year-round sales
  • Provide a branded solution with easy-to-grow plants and quick turnarounds

In short, these little plants lead to BIG profits for growers and retailers alike.