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Are you a commercial grower who is ready to add Fairy Flowers® to your line-up?

Ordering Plugs
Fairy Flowers® plugs come with our custom Fairy Flowers® tags and are available exclusively through Henry F. Michell Company and Ball Seed.  Contact your local Michell’s sales representative or Ball Seed sales representative to order pre-finished plants.

Professionally Grown
Each plug is professionally grown and shipped by Gulley Greenhouse, Inc.

Marketing Support
Fairy Flowers® growers will be listed on the Fairy Gardening® website which provides interested retailers instant access to locally-grown Fairy Flowers®.Growers and their customer will be given access to Fairy Gardening, Inc’s well-branded marketing materials.  Click here for details.

Hard Goods
Need Fairy Gardening® hard goods? Do you have your own garden center or are your customers looking for a source for Fairy Gardening® furniture, accessories and planters? Click here to order online.