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Designing & Planting

If there is one thing we know for sure about fairies, it is that they love to hide! So, think like a fairy as you design the perfect fairy lair. Keep things small and leave tiny spaces where fairies can peek at you, but you can’t see them.

Step 1
Your first step in creating your Fairy Garden is to select and purchase your favorite Fairy Flowers® from a local independent garden center. Click here for plant suggestions. There are plenty of miniature plants fairies just love and you won’t have any trouble finding flowers that make both you and your fairies very happy.

Step 2
Open your Fairy Gardening® kit and remove all items from the box.  Set the contents aside with your Fairy Flowers® and take an inventory.  Your kit includes:

  • A box for planting
  • Lid/saucer
  • “The Dirt” Potting Soil
  • Arbor
  • Birdbath
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Pebbles
  • Fairy Dust

Step 3
Turn the lid upside down and set the box in the center of the lid which has now become a saucer.

Step 4
Carefully cut off the top of the “The Dirt” Potting Soil bag with scissors. Empty the contents of the bag into the Fairy Gardening® box. Break up any clumps and fluff the soil until it’s light and airy with a smooth surface. Using a watering can with a breaker, lightly moisten the soil by sprinkling the top layer with water.

Step 5
Now it’s time to design your garden.  Create your own layout or click here for printable patterns.

In addition to hiding spaces, fairies love places to rest.  All of that flitting and fluttering will wear a fairy out, so she’ll be thrilled to see a bench for lounging and she might also appreciate a soft mossy or grassy spot for napping!

When designing, it is helpful to place your plants, arbor, birdbath and wheelbarrow in the spots where you plan to put them before you actually do any planting.  This way you can play with your design and easily make changes as you decide what layout will be best for your fairies.  Don’t forget to leave room for your pebble path.  Fairies have places to go and they’ll need a way to get there!

Step 6
Once you’ve developed a plan, it’s time to plant. Remove all of the furniture except the arbor. Be sure to remember where everything else goes. Select a plant and remove it from its container by tenderly squeezing the sides of the pot then gently pulling on the soil/root ball until it slides out easily.

Next, “tickle” your Fairy Flower’s® roots by gently pulling them apart until they are loose. Some soil may fall away from the root ball at this time.

With a spoon, garden trowel or your fingers, dig a small hole in the spot where you want to place the plant in the garden. The hole should be as deep as the soil around the base of the plant so that when the plant is in place, the top of its existing soil lines up with the top of “The Dirt” in the fairy box.  Once the plant is in place, cover the plant’s existing soil with at least ¼” of “The Dirt.” Gently press directly down on the base of your plant (which is now covered with soil) to secure it in its place.

Repeat this process for all remaining Fairy Flowers®.

If you have chosen trailing plants for your arbor, place one on each side at the base of the arbor and plant as described above. Once completed, weave the vines through the arbor walls so the plants will grow upwards and eventually cover your arbor.

Step 7
You’re getting very close to finishing your Fairy Garden and your fairies are getting very excited.  If you listen carefully, you just may hear them giggling and making plans to move in right away.

Once you’ve finished planting your Fairy Flowers®, it’s time to give them a drink of water.  Since it’s a new garden, the plants will be extra thirsty, so use a watering can with a breaker to water them until a small amount of water accumulates in the saucer. Be careful not to over water as most of the smaller Fairy Flowers® tend to be more drought tolerant, but will like to be kept moist at all times.

See specific instructions (listed on the plant tag) to best care for each individual Fairy Flower®.

Step 8
Once you’ve designed, planted and watered your garden, it’s time to add the wheelbarrow, birdbath and stone path.

Think of your Fairy Garden as a work in progress.  It’s fun to add seasonal flowers and holiday decorations from time to time. And, fairies believe variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture every now and then!

Step 9
When everything is in place and you are ready to invite your fairies to move in, sprinkle a pinch of fairy dust over the garden for good luck.  Save a little dust and anytime you’re in need of luck, sprinkle another pinch or two.

Step 10
Sit back, put your feet up and keep an eye out for fairies.  Don’t forget, fairies tend to be very shy, so you may need to spend a lot of time relaxing near your garden in order to see one!