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Social Butterflies

Here at Fairy Gardening® we have become a social butterflies. You can connect with us all over the web. Find us on posting a variety of things on Facebook: We're also tweeting over on Twitter: And you can find us pinning great ideas over on Pinterest: So like us and follow us to keep up with all things [...]

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Adding Twinkle for the Holidays

No doubt, many of you already have a Christmas tree gracing you living space. For many of us, the twinkle of holiday lights is one of the highlights of the season. It's no wonder that many botanical gardens and zoos celebrate the season by draping everything in lovely lights, there's just something magical about adding [...]

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Fairy Quotes

Fairies have been mentioned in literature and poetry for years. We love to collect these quotes and pair them with wonderful images.

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Drumroll Please.......

e have a WINNER for our first $100 Fairy Gardening® gift certificate. We used to select our winner. Don't forget, if you didn't win this round you'll have two more chances to win. Head on over to "Adding Warmth to your Fairy Garden" for another chance to win and check back Thursday, November 29th [...]

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Adding Warmth to Your Fairy Garden

When the nights start getting cool there's nothing more relaxing than sitting around the warm glow of a campfire. Toasting marshmallows and making smores adds to the fun. Just because they live outside and are used to the cold winters, doesn't mean the fairies don't appreciate a little warmth as well. Consider adding a small [...]

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Here's The Scoop

Welcome to “The Scoop” our new blog about all things Fairy Gardening®. This blog will be a place to be inspired. Posts will go up every Thursday, covering a variety of topics like tiny plants, craft projects, new products and other more tiny gardening fun.In order to celebrate our blog kick off, we’ll be giving [...]

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